Rack Manual

DJ Saii


The SRC DJ Tag is a wearable device, that can show a specified text, songname and listeners, as well as having an "DJ Tag" image floating above your head.
This SRC DJ Tag is free available and works together with the SRC Receivers; It will activate as soon as you log in as a DJ.

The purpose is divers, you can use it to show that you, as a DJ, are able to accept requests for songs, or not, if you are live mixing, a live musician, or just use one of the Tags to personalize your performance. You can even add your own Tag!


How it works

Rightclick the SRC DJ Tag in your inventory and select: Wear. It will default attach to the nose position, but of course you can change that, if that attach position is already occupied. Rightclick and choose "Attach to" to attach it to another position.

When you attached it, it will tell you that you can get a list of commands by typing: /88 help
A detailed explanation of all commands is at the bottom of this manual.

At first you want to change gender if you are Male, since the DJ Tag is default set to female, do this by typing:
/88 gender male

Change the text you want to show, note that this text can be anything and that the songname can be shown directly under it, if you leave that option on. As an example:
/88 setname DJ Saii is playing the tune:

Select one of the pictures you want to use. You can do this like the following example:
/88 setpic 8

Then you are all set! Of course you might want to change what you want to display, because everything can be put on or off. Or you might want to change the color of the floattext. See the command list on how to do that.

If you wonder why it does not show anything, it is because it's meant to be activated as soon as you login as a DJ on a SRC Receiver. It will auto-deactivate when someone else logs in, or you leave the region or get out of range (100m) of the SRC Receiver.


Using your own image

To use your own image, create a picture and upload it to Second Life. Ideally it must be an image 512x512 pixels, alpha layered TGA (transparent). If you unsure how to make an image like that, check out this link: Alpha Layer Tutorial

When you have the image in your inventory, rightclick on the image and select: "Copy Asset UUID". The picture key (uuid) will then be stored in memory (clipboard).

type in chat: /88 uuid e417f443-a199-bac1-86b0-0530e177fb54  (<- use CTRL-V to past the key from memory)
and hit enter, it will store the picture in the DJ Tags memory and automatically select it.

To select the picture later on, just use /88 setpic 99


Wait, I see no picture?

A requirement to see the picture (image tag) is that object entry is enabled on the parcel you are standing on. Mostly this is disabled for all residents, but enabled for group members. So make sure that you have your active group set the same as the land group if it does not work.


Picture list

  1. Live DJ
  2. Live Mixing DJ
  3. Spinning DJ
  4. DJ on fire
  5. DJ taking requests
  6. Send IM 4 Requests
  7. DJ takes no requests
  8. Live Musician
  9. Tips welcome
  10. Rock DJ
  11. Psy DJ
  12. Breakbeat DJ
  13. dnb DJ
  14. dub DJ
  15. Neko DJ
  16. Furry DJ

Use /88 setpic 7 to set the picture of your choice, use /88 showpic 7 to show the picture briefly.
To use a custom image you added, use: /88 setpic 99

Command list

/88 setpic number This sets the image you want to use
/88 picsize 1,2 or 3 (1=small,2=medium,3=large) The size of the image
/88 picoffset 1,2 or 3 (1=low,2=higher,3=highest) Offset from your avatar (height)

/88 showpic (or sp) (use /sp 99 for custom pic, set with /88 uuid) Test show a picture
/88 hidepic (or hp) Hide picture after test

/88 pic on/off Picture on/off
/88 float on/off  Floating text on/off
/88 song on/off Show songname on/off
/88 name on/off Show name on off
/88 listen on/off Show listeners on/off

/88 gender male/female Select your gender
/88 setname  Set the name, can be any text ie: DJ Saii is playing:
/88 setcolor R,G,B Set the color of the floating text, use RGB values ie, orange = 255,128,0
/88 uuid Add your own image (see "using your own image" above)
/88 settings Show the settings in chat