SAV Manual


Congratulations with the purchase of the SAV Board!

SAV 210 front

Getting started

The product you received is 'boxed'. Rez the box by dragging it from your inventory onto an empty spot in world.
Left click the box to open it's content and do copy all to inventory. Take care not do this procedure with the actual products, because then you will end up having all scripts inside your inventory and not functioning products.
You will now have a folder in your inventory called: [SHX-SAV-210] or [SHX-SAV-200]

Rez the board by dragging it out of the inventory onto an spot in-world.


Considerations when placing

As soon as you place the SAV, it will overwrite the current media image, used for instance for your television or you tube viewer.
To bypass this, you could make a sub-parcel, when possible, and place the tv on another parcel, so they will not "bite" eachother.
Or, you can opt to use the same media image for both, although one will overwrite the others media of course, when both active.



  • Make sure you have the group selected that owns the land BEFORE rezzing. If you do not have group owned land, select the group that is set on the your SHOUTcast receiver. (to check: press CTRL-3, select the board and examine the GROUP setting at the first tab called: general)
  • Rez the product by dragging it out of your inventoy to the ground in world.
  • READ carefully what is being said in chat by the board.
  • If it says ready, your good to go. If not, DO what the board tells you to.
  • Place the board anywhere, but in 100m range of the SHOUTcast receiver AND on the same parcel.
  • Set the albumviewer option in your SHOUTcast receiver on. This option is in the [Remotes] Submenu.
  • No need to reset your SHOUTcast receiver, it will work immediately.
  • Touch the FRAME (border) of the board to get a menu.
  • Be sure to have the SAV on the SAME parcel as the SHOUTcast receiver, otherwise it will not function.


Special Configuration

Inside the contents of the SAV you will find a notecard called: .config
Normally it will operate just fine, but perhaps you want to change the mediaimage to the same as your tv/youtube viewer, or change the image displayed when it cannot find a particular album.

Open the .config notecard and make modifications to the following two settings:

# MEDIAIMAGE: -> The texture used as placeholder for movies and webcontent
# included are 3 examples: shx-mediaimage, shx-mediaimage-2 and shx-mediaimage-3
# NOTE: Drop another image inside the board and type the exact name (case sensitive) behind MEDIAIMAGE:
MEDIAIMAGE: shx-mediaimage-3

# NOIMAGEURL: -> This is the image shown when no album image has been found
# Use a valid url, containing a jpg image. Default:
# Amazon no image url:

# FIXVIEWERBUG: -> This is to fix the bug in Phoenix and Viewer 2.x, where auto-scaling does not work for media images
# Set to OFF when using a 1.x compatible viewer (that works right)


SAV parcelsetting Image 1 - Parcel settings


SAV Image 2 - SAV front


Main Menu Image 3 - SAV main menu



- I rezzed it, deeded it, it says ready, but nothing is happening? --> Press the PLAY button next to the Music Play button on the bottom right of your screen.

- I did the above, but...Still nothing? --> You do have the SHOUTcast receiver?

- It doesn't work! --> That is not possible, unless you deleted the script inside or rezzed it in a no-script area. Check the Basic Operation chapter again.

- I have this funny red text on the top! --> You probably forgot to read what the board said in chat. Rez it again and pay attention!

- I did everything, but now i see an image: No Album Image --> That is because it could not find an image that matches the song. Try switching to another radio channel, or play another song.

- The media play button on the bottom right is greyed out (i cannot press it) --> Press CTRL-P (preferences), select: Audio & Video and check if Play Streaming Media is checked. If you can not select it, install Apple Quicktime.

- Why should i press CTRL-P for preferences??? --> Yes, that is a good question, everyone else in development binds that key combo to activate printing...