Rack Manual


The SHX Rack comes with all products that can slot a device into the Rack. It automatically slots devices, up to 8 per rack. 6 Racks maximum.


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Slotting a device:

If a device can be slotted, it will have a [: SLOT :] option in it's touchmenu. 
Just click on [: SLOT :] and it will ask you a rack number. Normally you would just select 1.
In case of using more than 1 Rack, select the appropiate Rack Number.

NOTE:The number selection window is NOT for selecting a slot, but to select a rack. The slot position is determined automatically to the next available slot.


Rack functions menu

The Rack got it's own function menu with a couple of options. Touch the rack itself to get the menu. 

Number selection
The first 6 numbers are to set the Rack number, this is for when you want to use more than 1 rack. Give each rack it's own unique number.

Check Rack
This function will check it's slotted devices, if they are still there, reposition them and empty slots when not found.

Group [*]
With this switch you can give access to the group it's set to, so they can use the Rack menu as well. Default it is on.

List Devices
This will show a list in chat with known slotted devices and their version number.

With reset you can reset the scripts of the Rack. This will remove all slotted devices from memory and restore default settings.


Moving the Rack

You can move the rack around, the devices will follow and reposition.
Two things about that though:

  1. Due to the case of being SL, it does not always fire the move event. Just move the rack a little bit back and forth until it does.
  2. The range limit is 20 meters, so if you move the Rack 50 meters away from the devices, they will not follow.

Compatible Devices

Note that not all products are upgraded/updated yet, but they will in due time. 
If you have questions regarding the status or anything else, contact Saii Hallard.