MCD Manual


To be able to change the music url on the parcel, the Receivers and DMX work together with a seperate device: the Media Change Device (MCD). This device is included with the product you purchased. (it is not in the box, please read further how to rez it)

Warning: Do not deed the shoutcast board (Receiver), but only the MCD when it tells you to.


Short overview:

  • Rez the MCD with the Receiver menu: [Options]-Rez MCD or just rez it (with the DMX)
  • Set the Receiver and MCD to the same group
  • Deed only the MCD when needed (it will tell you in chat, so stand close)
  • When using more then 1 shoutcast receiver: Change MCD channel on both the MCD and Receiver of the second set.


Detailed instructions for Group owned land:

The MCD is contained inside the Receiver, but to have it working it must be in world, on the same parcel and have rights to change media. To achieve this, you must first bring it in world, by touching the main Receiver to get the menu.

    1. From the menu, select: [Options] and then Rez MCD.

    2. The MCD will appear in front of the Receiver with a big red arrow above it. (the arrow will auto disappear)

    3. On the front of the MCD it will show Error, indicating that it can not change the media on the parcel, because it is not yet owned by the parcel owner, which in this case is a group.

      Image 1

      image 1

    4. Rightclick on the MCD and select: EDIT. You will see something like shown in image 2.
      Make sure the MCD is set to the same group that owns the land. Use World - About land to see what group owns the parcel.

      Image 2

    5. Below the owner and group info, there is a checkbox 'Share with group'. Check that box.
      If you have checked the share with group, a button next to it will light up: Deed. Click that.

      NOTE: When the button to deed is disabled, you probably do not have enough rights in that group to do this. Contact an officer of the group to get permission.

Image 3


Using MCD channels

Normally you do not have to change the MCD channel, but when you have more then one Receiver in the same region, you can use the MCD channels to setup different sets. You can select up to 36 channels.

Make sure that when you change the Channel on the receiver, that you also change the MCD to the same channel (touch the MCD for a menu)

Image 4

I did everything, but it still does not work

NOTE: In case you had deed the receiver previously, changed the group or owner or when you moved things across parcel borders, you need to set the board OFF and then ON again to make it work and use Reset all under the Options menu.

If it does not work, it could be one of the following:

  • Owner and group of the receiver are different then the rezzed MCD. Check that the MCD and the Receiver have at least the group or the owner in common.
  • The Receiver is on a different parcel then the MCD. While this is not a problem normally, it is when the person trying to set it up is not aware he or she divided the club in different parcels, therefore stands on another parcel then where the MCD is placed and subsequently will not hear any difference.
  • Scripts have been disabled for group in the parcel settings. Just enable scripts, then it works just fine.

If you are unable to figure out why it is not working, send in a support call: SUPPORT.

Change music on more then one parcel in the same region

Of course you can rez more then one MCD and place them on several parcels trough out  the region.
The procedure to activate them is exactly the same.

There is no restriction on usage, meaning that if you have parcels that are on another group it will also work, though in that situation you need to add your Avatar UUID to the description of the MCD. As of version 3.04 you can do this trough the menu. See the topic "The parcel group is different than where the Receiver is on" further on for more information about this.


Change music on any parcel in SL (Master/Slave mode)

Note: This function is available in version 3.0 or higher. You can get a free copy of this MCD in our shop.
This function eliminates the need of the SRX relay.

You can change music on any parcel on the grid, by using the Master/Slave mode.
Do note that the master/slave mode is not meant to be used in the same region!

Example Usage:

  • Receive the stream URL from your main club on sub-locations, such as a Chill-out cafĂ©, subsidiary club, Shopping Mall etc. which are not located in the same region.
  • Give out slave MCDs to regular visitors (VIPs), so they can listen in on their land.
  • Relay the Club stream to your (club owner) personal land to listen in on what's going on in your club.

To set this up, you need to set one MCD as master, which needs to be in the same region as the Receiver. This is normally the first MCD you have setup in the main club. If you used an older version previously, delete that and use the new one instead.

Place a MCD on a parcel in another region, and deed when Necessary, possibly with the avatar UUID in the object description, when the group is different than the group the Receiver is set to (see next section).

Set the MCD in the other region to slave mode, by clicking Slave. (see Image 5) It will tell you in chat a few lines, which you have to keep, so copy them either to the clipboard (with CTRL-C) or to a notecard. (see Image 6)

Go back to the master MCD and paste the information you kept inside the slaves notecard of the master MCD (see image 6). Save the notecard

After making changes to the slaves notecard, re-initialize the master mode by clicking once or twice on the Master button, depending it was already in master mode or not.

A few notes:

  • The sign in the top right of the front display is an indicator that slave mode is enabled. The double sign indicates that slave mode is active. During the usage of the menu dialog the slave mode is interrupted. Do not worry, it will resume when you close the menu with the cancel button.
  • If set up right, the slave MCD will receive commands from the master. But only when something is changed on the board. So you may have to change the radiostation, or login again to check if it works.
  • Slave MCDs will have a delay up to 30 seconds to receive the change, it is never immediate.
  • The MCD channel is still used for intercommunication between slave and master, so make sure they are on the same channel. This has been kept in place, in case you want to be able to switch receiving between multiple masters. In example: At weekends receiving from club A, at normal days from club B. Of course you need to manually change the channel via the menu.
  • Taking a slave into your inventory and rezzing it again, while it already worked, will mean you have to re-do the process of pasting the slave UUID in the masters slave list, since the slave has now a new UUID.

MCD Mainmenu Image 5 - Main Menu (different from your MCD? Grab an updated one from the SHX Main Store Counter)

MCD contents
Image 6 - MCD contents and slaves notecard


Using the Sync option

The Sync option (version 3.03 and above) is to automatically synchronize a SRx receiver with the URL that is received by the MCD while in slave mode.
This option particularly comes handy when you are making use of the DMX controller

Warning: Do not use a MCD in sync mode, when there is a MCD in master mode on the same parcel. This would create an inifite loop of updates when the music is changed

Possible usage is for example:

  • You make use of a DMX MCD controller to change the music on a parcel remotely, but on that parcel is also a SRC receiver .
  • You have a main SRC Receiver with a master MCD that sends music change updates to another parcel (in another sim), but that parcel also has a SRC receiver placed.

Requirements for this to work are:

  • The MCD is in slave mode
  • There is not a MCD in master mode on the same parcel
  • The SRC Receiver must be on the same parcel as the MCD in slave and sync mode, turned on and has the remote function enabled (default it is on)

Note that only the DMX will be able to send the correct station name. The Sync to SRC when receiving a music change from a master MCD will show "unknown" as the station name, as the name is not transferred.


The parcel group is different than where the Receiver is on

When the land group is different of that of the receiver, you need to put the Avatar UUID of the owner of the Receiver in the object description of the MCD, before deeding it to the parcel group. That way the MCD will accept commands from the Receiver.
As of version 3.04 you can do this through the menu.

To get (your) avatar UUID, search your avatar name in the first tab of the Second Life search, it will show a link at the bottom of the page of your profile with the 36-character UUID. Or you could use the SHX-Avatar-UUID tool, just ask it from Saii Hallard.


Avoiding Crosstalk

With the flexibility of the MCD system and setting it up in a fairly complex situation, you could end up having crosstalk. Meaning that music is unwantedly changed on some parcels.

There are two ways to avoid crosstalk:

1) Use different MCD channels on different sets. A set means a SRx Receiver and a MCD (or more MCDs). Change the channel on both the Receiver and the MCD(s).
2) Use the Avatar UUID option to specifically only accept changes from your SRx Receiver, when there are multiple owners in the same region using the same group.

Of course #2 can be avoided as well by using different a MCD channel, but it's a different method to ensure only accepting commands from one Receiver and prevents accidental use of the same MCD channel.


MCD menu Access

Access is normally set to only owner.
Ss soon as you deed the MCD, it will automatically set itself to Group Access. This is because when deeded, you do not own it and subsequently will not recognise you as it's owner.

When you want to prevent group access when the MCD is deeded, you have to add your Avatar UUID to the description of the MCD and uncheck the Group option in the menu.
Setting your UUID is as of 3.04 also done through the menu with: Set UUID.
Enabling you Avatar UUID and disabling Group access will also prevent the MCD accepting music change commands send via the same group, but not from your SRx Receiver.


Using the php URL option

This option is to facilitate showing the current music stream you have in your club on a website and/or even making it possible for people outside of Second Life to listen in on the music stream. Alternatively, you could use this function to relay the music stream change to your website for whatever purpose.

Note that this requires that you have some knowledge of php/html and therefore that this feature is unsupported. The complications and wide range of problems you can encounter is out of our scope.


How the MCD works

  1. When a music stream is changed either by selecting a radio station, a stream card, logging in a DJ or automatic selection by any external means (addons), the receiver will send a command to the MCD.
  2. The Receiver will check who its owner is and what group it is set to. Subsequently it will send this information across the selected MCD channel in the region.
  3. If any MCD in the region is set on the same channel and is owned by the same owner, or is owned by the same group as determined at step 2, it will accept the command and change the music on the parcel. With one exception: If you have put your Avatar UUID in the description of the MCD, it will accept commands send from your SRC Receiver, no matter what group the MCD is set to. Furthermore, in this mode, disabling group access in the menu of the MCD will also disable accepting commands from that group.
  4. If the MCD is in master mode, it will send out the same command to slaves specified in the slaves notecard (which resides in the contents of the MCD)