The SRC DJCiD is an add-on to the SRC receiver (separate available) to hand out a folder with club information, like: stream info, landmarks, procedures, rules and other items that your staff might need at any time they are in the club.

Note that this is a peripheral to the SRC receiver, and will not function on it's own, as it will only grant access to registered DJs and Managers set in the SRC receiver.


DJCiDimage 1


Rezzing the DJCiD

It's best to place the DJCiD Flightcase next to the DJ Booth, so that a DJ or Manager can get a Club information folder at any time they need it.


Getting it to work

  1. You make sure the DJCiD is on the same parcel as the SRC Receiver and both the SRC Receiver and the DJCiD must have the same owner.
  2. Put notecards, objects or landmarks inside the DJCiD (remove our examples first!).
  3. Rename the DJCiD object to something comprehensive, like: "Club Sensual Information", as the objectname will be used as the foldername given out.
  4. Touch the DJCiD, power it on.
  5. Click "Get Data" in the menu dialogue.

That's it.

Any DJ / Manager that is in the list will now be able to retrieve the folder of items you have set up. Note that as owner, you are not able to test it. Use an alt, or ask someone else in the accesslist to test it out.


DJCiD functions

menu image 2

When you touch the Flightcase, you will see the menu as displayed above at image 2.
The functions are:

  • Item List - This will show what items will be given out when a DJ or Manager touches the flight case.
  • Product Info - Show Product ID and version
  • Update - Check if an update is available
  • Get Data - Make contact with a SRC receiver (must be on the same parcel) and retrieve the DJ and Managerlist
  • List DJs - Show a list of DJs in chat
  • Managerlist - Show a list of managers in chat
  • Off - Power off the DJCiD
  • Reset All - reset all scripts
  • Cancel - Close the menu dialogue listener


Adding items to the DJCiD

Default we have put a few items in as example: A landmark, notecard and an object. (see image 3)

Remove them first, then drag items in that you want to hand out.

Contents Image 3 - DJCiD contents