CCB Manual


Congratulations with the purchase of the CCB, SHX Contestboard!

This board has more prims then contestboards from other creators, with a reason.
The reason is that we have the ability to use more font types this way, and more importantly: It uses only one texture, which gives far less downloadtime for clients (as oppose to 64 textures or more) and you will not have 'blanked' out and unreadable text. Therefore, faster and less lag for your club visitors.



  • Copy the contents of the product box into your inventory.
  • Make sure you have the group selected that owns the land BEFORE rezzing, so the board will not be returned.
  • Rez the contestboard by dragging it out of your inventory to the ground in world.
  • A big yellow window will appear to ask permission to take Linden dollars from you.
  • Press the Grant button. This permission is needed to be able to make payouts to people that join the contest.



Touch the board and press ON to activate the contestboard.
You will see a small MANAGE button, touch that to get a menu to change all options.


In the menu you will see two submenu's: [Contest] and [Options]
the [Contest] submenu contains all options for the game itself
the [Options] submenu has all the system features, like changing colors, font and to set who has access to the board.


In addition to the system features you can set in the [Option] menu, there are a few settings 'hidden' in a system
settings notecard in the contents of the board. see paragraph 1.4 for more information about these settings.
It will for example allow you to use contest boards (if you have more then one) in master/slave mode.



Starting a Contest

First you will want to set what this contest is about.


- Make sure the board is on and you have given money permission (see 1.1)
- Press the little MANAGE button.
- Click the [Contest] button
- Click on [Set Text]
- Choose a Contest Theme Text, or press the CUSTOM button to enter your own contest theme.
- If you pressed custom, you have to enter a text with /3 Text in chat. This text will appear in the top textline.

Now you might want to change the Game settings, like if people have to pay to enter the contest,
or who exactly are allowed to join, vote and who exactly will be payed out by selecting a certain prizemode.
If you are happy with the settings as they are, you can skip this and move on directly to starting the contest.


When needed, you can change game settings in the [Contest] menu. Use the 'Game Info' button to see the 
current game settings.

- To change between a free to play of pay to play mode, use the [Join Price] button. FREE will set the board to
free to play, any number, or entering a custom number will set the board to pay to play.
Note that the system option OWNERTAKE (see 1.4 - System Configuration), will only be in effect when you
have a pay to play contest.

- Select here who can join the contest, Anyone or only the group the board is set to.
Note that if you selected group and did not set the board to a group, it will be anyone.

- Select here who can vote. Anyone, the group the board is set to, or only contestants.
Note that if you selected group and did not set the board to a group, it will be anyone.

Top 1: The one with the most votes will get the prize. Or, if it is a draw, the prize will be split among those
who have the same amount of votes.
Top 3: The top 3 with the most votes will get the prize, evenly split.
Split: The prize will be split according to the votes to those who have 1 or more votes.
Random: From the top 3 of those who have the most votes, one winner will be randomly selected.

Note that it will only take people in consideration who are still in the same region. If someone has logged out,
or left the region at the time the FINISH button is pressed, they will not be selected as winner.

If you are happy with the contest settings, you are ready to start one!


- If you have selected a free to play mode, pay the board first to set the winprize. Do this by rightclicking
the board and selecting the pay option. When you have selected a pay to play mode, you do not have to set
a prize initially, but of course you could to make the contest more attractive.

- Press the START button.
- It will give you a review of the game settings, press YES if you are happy with the settings.
- Now you get the oppertunity to select how long the join and voting stages should run. If you want to
manually select at what time the join and vote stages should start, select Unlimited.
- Review the time settings, and press YES.

The joinstage is now started. People can either join by clicking the Join button on the board in free to play
mode, or by paying the board in pay to play mode.
Note that in pay to play mode, people can also increase the total prize by paying more then the set pay
to play prize.

In both the join- and voting stage, a manager of the contestboard will have the oppertunity to remove
a contestant, if neccessary. For instance, when a guy enter a contest which is only for females.
You can do this by clicking the [Remove] button in the menu.

It is also possible to LOCK the current stage, this means noone can join or vote when you lock the current
stage. This could be handy if you want to review the contestants, votes or want to temporary hold the game
in progress. Use the Lock button to toggle it on or off.

In timed mode the voting stage will automatically start when the timer reachs zero, or when you manually
press the VOTESTAGE button. Of course in a not timed mode, you always will have to do this manually.

When the voting stage starts, people can vote for contestants, by clicking on the section that displays
their name and picture. If there are more then 5 contestants, the list will automatically rotate to
different pages. The time between showing a page is default set to 30 seconds, but you can change that
in the system settings. (see 1.4 - System Configuration)

At any time you can finish the contest by pressing the FINISH button, but note that this is only possible
when there is at least one vote recorded. Or,  in timed mode, you can just wait out until the timer has reached

Managers & Access

Access to the manage functions can be set in the [Access] menu, which is under the [Options] menu.
Three levels can be set: Owner, group and managers.
To add or delete managers, edit the Notecard: managers list, which can be found in the contents of the board.

System Configuration

Some system settings are to be found in the Notecard: system settings, which can be found in the contents of the board.
The notecard is pretty much self explaining.

For your reference if you accidently delete the contents of the card we copied it below:

# • How much percentage will be taken by the contest owner at payed to enter contests
# to take 10% use: OWNERTAKE = 10, leave at 0 to not take a percentage

# • Handout a card with rules, example:
# RULESCARD = Contest Game Rules, leave blank to not handout a card when joining the game
RULESCARD = Contest Game Rules

# • Announcements:
# ANNOUNCE = SHOUT  / ANNOUNCE = SAY / ANNOUNCE = WHISPER or leave blank to stay quiet

# • Master / Slave mode - When you want to start contests simultaneously
# • When you use two boards and want them simultaneous to start join/vote stages:
# • Set one board to MASTER = YES / SLAVE = NO and the other board to MASTER = NO / SLAVE = YES

# • Contestants view rotation cycle:
# CYCLE =   to set the contestants rotation time in seconds (default: 30)  
CYCLE = 30

Colors and Themes

In addition to the system colors which are pre-set, you can also make your own theme of colors.
To do this, use the Notecard: system custom colors, which can be found in the contents of the board.
In the [Set Colors] menu, press the '< RELOAD' button to reload the changed list.
Then press the 'Custom List' button to apply the custom list of colors.

All colors are in R,G,B. Numbered from 0 to 255.
To have a list of natural colors, goto:  Wiki List of Colors

A copy of the contents of the default notecard 'system custom colors' is below for your reference:

191,191,191           # backpanel
111,111,111           # top panel
111,111,111           # bottom panel
0,0,0                           # text back panel top
0,0,0                           # text back panel 1
0,0,0                           # text back panel 2
0,0,0                           # text back panel 3
0,0,0                           # text back panel 4
0,0,0                           # text back panel 5
255,255,255              # join button
255,255,255              # manage button
255,255,0                  # top text line
255,255,255              # price line
255,255,255              # contest infoline
255,255,255              # voters
255,255,255              # page/pages indicator
255,255,255              # text line 1
255,255,255              # text line 2
255,255,255              # text line 3
255,255,255              # text line 4
255,255,255              # text line 5
0,0,0                           # dancing girl