XDF Vinyl Manual


Thank you for purchasing the XDF Vinyl Dancefloor!




This XDF comes with quite a few options, of which most is self explanatory.
Touch the record to get a menu. (see image 1)

Record Color
Record color does what it says; Blank removes coloring and ?Random? changes color randomly every xx seconds.

Record Speed
<< Record and Record >> will increase/decrease the speed of the rotation

Pfx Type
This is a toggle to select different kinds of particle effects, just keep pressing it to select different ones.

Pfx Color
This options lets you choose the color for the particles.

Record Fx
For selecting different animated effects on the record itself

With this you can toggle between preset labels, or select a custom label you've added yourself

Custom Label
Click this to add your own label. You will have to enter an image UUID.
In firestorm it's easy enough: Just doubleclick an image in your inventory, and click on the UUID button. Then paste the UUID with ctrl-v inside the box.

Enabling this option will give access to group members the XDF object is set to. 

When you have the menu open, it will not change color randomly. Just click CANCEL to close the menu properly to have the random color change activating again (if you had it selected)

XDF Menu Image 1


Make your own label

To make a cool vinyl label yourself, we have made a template in Photoshop. Click the record below: 

XDF Template