DBX Booth Manual


Congratulations with the purchase of your DBX booth!


Placing the Booth

The product you received is 'boxed'. Rez the box by dragging it from your inventory onto an empty spot in world.
Left click the box to open it's content and do copy all to inventory. Take care not do this procedure with the actual booth, because then you will end up having the scripts and animations inside your inventory and a not functioning booth.
You will now have a folder in your inventory called: [SHX-DBX-900].
Rez the DBX Booth (named: SHX-DBX-900) by dragging it from your inventory onto an empty spot in world.

DO NOT DEED THE BOOTH! - Deeding the booth has no use, because access restrictions are done with notecards or retrieval from a SRC receiver. Deeding the booth will make it non-functional for the owner too.


First Use

You will notice there is no "poseball". This is because the booth uses an automatic positioning system, that places your avatar at the correct height, no matter how small or tall your avatar is.

Rightclick the booth and select DJ! from the radial selection menu.

Type "/55 help" in chat to see a list of commands available. Note that the commands are not available when you are not "sitting" on the booth.

If you own the DJ HUD Advanced, or the Lite version, you can easily access all functions with the HUD as well.


Give access to the Booth

To give other people access to the booth, you can modify two notecards inside the booth, named: "managers list" and "dj list".
Do note that after modifying the cards, you have to type "/55 readcards" to let the booth read the changes.

When you have a SRC type of receiver, do not modify the cards described above, but use the "/55 getdata" instruction instead.
See the next section for more info about this.


Getting Manager & DJ lists from the SRC Series of Receivers

If you own a SRC Receiver, you do not have to modify the notecards for access restrictions.
The DBX booth is able to retrieve the lists with one command.

Make sure your SRC-Receiver is on the same parcel as the DLB, within 100m, is on and has the Remote feature set to: on.
Be sure you are sitting on the booth and type "/55 getdata" (with the DJ Hud Advanced men: use the main menu).

If for some reason you do not get contact, please check the above and also make sure your receiver is at least of version 2.3. You can check this in the Options menu, with the Info button. Press Update if you are at a lower version.

If all goes well, you will have the same list of DJ's and managers that are store inside your Receiver.


Adding custom animations

Of course at some point you will want to add your own animations. You can do this easily by dropping the animations inside the booth.
The custom animations are limited to 5. If you add more, the order and available ones might change, but will always be 5.

To access the custom animations, either use the DJ HUD, or type "/55 anim 90" and up. (ie. for custom animation 2, you type: "/55 anim 91")


Using special characters

The following characters can be used for the text at the front of the booth:

Cyrillic can be used as well, by selecting font type 9


Kuler Themes

The DBX booth supports Kuler Themes, to change the SRW channel, use: /55 setsrwchannel <number>


Modifying the booth

Important note: We do not give support for heavily modified booths that went inoperable, modify on your own risk!

The booth is modify and could be changed to your liking to fit your club.
However, there are a few things to consider when doing this:

  • The root prim must remain the root prim and have as creator Saii Hallard, otherwise it will disable the scripts.
  • There is a small (invisible) prim at the bottom of the booth that needs to stay in place, it is used for auto positioning the avatar, as well for handling the animations.
  • There is another invisible prim in the middle of the booth that handles rezzing equipment, obviously this needs to stay in place.
  • When you rebuild the booth, orientation must remain the same, otherwise rezitems and positioning of the avatar will not work properly.
  • When removing prims, or adding or relinking the build, reset all scripts, otherwise it will not work.
  • Do not rename prims that have a script in it, the name is mostly used to recognize the subprim.