Top 40 Clubs

This lists the top 40 Clubs with the highest amount of song entries into the top 40
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Club Name
Grid Location
 21826CARNAL OASISDream Walker Isle/33/120/2 
 31771>> Fallen Angels <<Crystal Cove II/104/146/392 
 41705The Trans-DimensionSunset Boulevard/94/10 
 51650HARD ROCK EVOLUTIONSSunset Boulevard/69/76/1 
 61316BLUES BEACH CLUBBlues Beach Island/209/189/2 
 71257Mad HattersGolden Business Area/217/18/2 
 81227Dunes Beach ResortDunes Beach Resort/128/128/2 
 91115Clear SkiesKittyland 6/79/205/2 
 101071BLADE'S EDGE BDSM CLUBJustBE/72/139/2 
 11912CLUB KOLOHETemptation/53/155/2 
 12887Heroes ClubRoBeck Land/205/175/28 
 13882COWBOYS 'N ANGELSMagenta Skies/45/218/2 
 15781ROCKIN COUNTRY ROADSNew Providence/199/151/2 
 16730CAY'S AT WOODLAND LAKEPismo Beach/71/121/2 
 17723VIPERA RADIOLand of Zues/61/214/2 
 18722Abbies Hideaway BeachExotic Isles/182/54 
 19694ROCKIN' COUNTRY ROADSNew Providence/219/103/2 
 20661The River Rock ClubStonehaven/107/244/2 
 21635Rebel Outlaws Country ClubCopper River/46/238/405 
 22633COOL KATZ NITE CLUBFlyingroc Chung/148/92/2 
 23610Club PrideRotana/238/238/2 
 24609The Butterfly ClubAlter Ego/228/200/26 
 25606Momo's Surf ClubEvil Spirits/97/73/2 
 26577BAMA COUNTRYSunset Lake/139/90/2 
 27548HARD ROCK SHEMALETransilse/166/211/2 
 28483The RiptideRopa Valley/83/85/2 
 30468SRC-F200Asperiche Island/210/51/178 
 31468# WASTELAND reloaded #Sommerinsel/192/133/2 
 32462The New Crystal RoseCaledon Kittiwickshire/190/91/17 
 33461Southern Nights Country ClubSouthern Nights/95/172/2 
 34437LESBIAN ORCHIDArray/115/107/2 
 35416Harvest MoonMiso/49/24/2 
 36402::. Exile .::Crystal Cove II/43/142/392 
 37393Wet Spot ClubSHX/128/128/2 
 38361DP - Dear Prudence Rock ClubPenny Lane/28/109/24 
 39355PASSIONS♥Eagle Cliff/218/72/2 
 40353HELIUM MUSIC VENUEWysteria Island/72/90/390 

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