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Club name: eTown Club SHX Testserver
Motto: We <3 breakbeat!
Owner: Saii Hallard
Continent / Country: Europe
Club Location in SL: Ponchau/167/168/650
Active since: 11-30-2008
Clubhub validated: No
Music Genres: Breaks, Drum & Bass, Lounge, Ambient, Dubstep
Club stream:  Tune in
Club information: eTown - Electronic Music Town - With a wide variety of Electronic music from across the globe. Including Acid, House, Goa, Elektro,psy, Techno, Break Beat, DnB, Trance, Sponsored by SHX Club Equipment.
New DJs contact Freefall Ninetails
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Club Staff Club management

Freefall Ninetails Co-owner    
AGNIESZKA Allstar Manager    
Andrion Acker Manager    
Blue Blauvelt Manager    
Cloudseer Writer Manager    
Fabio Gant Manager    
Fallingsnow Jewell Manager    
Kater Ghost Manager    
Leyla Firefly Manager    
Marcellino Benelli Manager    
Nathan Handrick Manager    
Nienor Savira Manager    
PJ Mocha Manager    
Prabal Zenovka Manager    
QueBall Shan Manager    
Resi Pfeffer Manager    
Saii Hallard Manager    
Toshik Cyberschreiber Manager    
Freefall Ninetails Host    
Lovely Dawes Host    
Not Good Host    
Toshik Cyberschreiber Host