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Avatar Name: Saii Hallard Male
Title / Musician Name: DJ Saii
Motto: Music connects people
Continent / Country: Netherlands
Can be booked: No
is Musician at: 3 clubs
is owner of: 5 clubs
Total playtime: 5.1 Hours
Total sessions: 11
Active profile since: 2009-03-27 15:17:56
Homepage:   Not live
Music Genres: Goa, Psy, Experimental, Electro, Traditional
Personal Info: SHX Founder & Developer,
System Analyst,
DJ of Progressive House, Psy, Goa-Psy/Trance
I like almost all music, except Rap
Uses Mic during set: Yes
Musician Info: Hardware used: Numark Stealth Control, Edirol keyboard
Software: Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ, ASIO4all, Ableton Live
Streaming software: Icecast 2.0, SHOUTcast1 & 2.0
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