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*Club Name:
*Club Location (SLurl):
  Enter Manager names seperated with a comma:
Club Managers:

OptionsOnly change when necessary

  The CTS Channel is to communicate with the seperate available CTS Tipjars:
(Do not change this unless necessary, ie: when you make use of more then one CTS server in the same region)
*CTS Channel:
  The SRW Channel is to communicate with the Kuler Themes, which is included in your SRC package
*SRW Channel:
Auto Revert: This activates the automatic revert option
( When a stream fails 10 times in sequence, it will automatically load the first radio station in the list )
Allow direct login:
Disabling this will not allow registered DJs to login directly from a HUD (It's best to keep this enabled!)
( Direct login is possible with peripheral devices like the DJ Huds, Booth etc. But only for DJs who are registered )
Always allow voting:
Disable if you want to prevent activating the Song Rating board when a DJ is using the Song hide function
( Only when you make use of the optional available SHX-CSR song rating board )

DJ Infoon touch

  The following text is send as an Instant Message to someone who touches the board when a DJ is logged in.
You can use the %DJPROFILE% placeholder to have it show a link to the current DJs profile.
*DJ Information notice:

Announcementswhen enabled

  The following texts are used when announcing a song in chat (when you enabled the option in the [Announce] menu of the receiver) Note that these are prefixes and will automatically be followed by the songname.
*DJ Announcement:
*Radio Announcement:

SmartBotsbase config

The following settings are for automatic group messages and interaction.
Because group interaction is not possible from within scripts, it can only be done when you make use of a 3rd party bot from Smartbots (advanced interface). To rent a bot or get more information, click here:
Enable Smartbots:
Group name:
Smartbots password:

SmartBots Groupgroup messages

  You can use the placeholder variables %CLUBNAME%, %DJNAME%, %GENRE% or %COUNTRY%
Optional you can include that interaction is possible in the group by entering *LM* to receive a landmark, given that you dropped one in the contents of the board. (if you did not drop a landmark, the interaction will be disabled)
Group message interval:
Group default message:

SmartBots Noticegroup notices

  You can use the placeholder variables %CLUBNAME%, %DJNAME%, %GENRE% or %COUNTRY% in the notice
The first line in the notice text will be used for the Notice Header (see predefined example), so make sure you type a header; the actual notice should start on the second line
Group notice interval:
Group default notice: