Lost Products

Written by Saii Hallard. Posted in SHX Support

SRC receiver lost?
If you lost your SRC receiver, do note that the receiver renames itself when powered on to the configured clubname, default this is: My Clubname. Look for that name first in your inventory. Make sure you power off the board before taking it, so you can find it back easier the next time.


In the event that you have lost the product you bought, or are unable to find it when you took it back into your inventory. Please read the following article first and follow the instructions:

CLICK: Inventory Recovery Steps


In 90% of the case, the object is not actually lost, but got 'joined' together with other objects into one big object and can be found in your lost and found folder. This usually happens when objects get returned from a parcel. Since the object takes on the name of the first object it has joined together, you are unable to search it, or do not now it is inside the big joined one. Make sure you rez the coalesced (joined) item on a parcel that has enough free prims, or goto a sandbox (like Mauve).

When you are unsuccessful after following the steps described in above document, send a ticket to Linden Labs by clicking the SUBMIT TICKET button on the following page: Second Life Support


Example of a ticket entry:


  • Make a screenshot of your ticket entry after you submitted it, cut out (or blank) any personal info.
  • Due to the fact that LL support is extremely slow, we just require you to send a screenshot of the submitted ticket AND the case ID you get returned in Email.
  • If they ARE able to help you, please let us know, for statistical purpose.
  • Lookup the transaction ID of the purchase of the lost product by going to the Second Life website and click on the Transaction History link, but only of course when the purchase is within the last 30 days.

Send the above information in a notecard or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to us and we will replace the product.


  • Screenshot of the submitted ticket entry (not the entry before you press enter)
  • Screenshot or pasted text of the CASE ID you received from Linden Labs in Email.
  • Screenshot or pasted text of the Transaction ID of your purchase. (if you can)


Why do I have to do all of this?

You have to do this, to make sure that Linden Lab is aware of the vast amount of problems due to lost items.
Most people do not take the time to send a ticket, because they think they will not get help anyway.
Linden Lab has however ensured us that they will do everything possible to solve perceived inventory loss. (Although in the 5 years i've been in Second Life, I've yet have to hear the first one that successfully got back an item.)

At SHX we keep a database with all reported cases of inventory loss, together with any reported result from sending in a ticket to LL, so please report the result to us.