How to get Support

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Asking for help []

In the event that you can not find the answer for a problem on this site or in the included manual, you can do the following to get support:

Just contact me directly with an IM in-world, when not afk, i reply immediately: Saii Hallard

If the problem is more elaborate, copy the text below and paste it into a notecard in-world, or onto the contact form on this website to Saii Hallard

Product Name:
Product Version:
Purchase Date: (roughly)
Transaction ID:  (only in case of lost products)
Problem Description:
What I have Tried:
Add relevant notecards/configuration:

Please be very detailed in the problem description. 
Things like 'My shoutcast is not working' won't cut it of course. The more details you provide, the quicker we can help you.

To know the exact type and version of your product, almost all SHX products have a button either in the main menu, or the options menu that is called: [ Product Info ]. Click this to reveal the exact type and version.

Every send in support call is answered within 24 hours, of course with the exception of some weekends and/or holidays. But in most cases it will be within 12 hours, depending on the time you send in your call.

Asking for help at your place - On-site support []

Select your language and send an Instant Message to:

Deutsch                   Saii Hallard (The Netherlands) 

France                  Kareen (France) (nevermind72.resident)


Deutsch                  Sjoel Resident (The Netherlands)


I found a bug!

If you think you have stumbled upon a bug, please give as much details as possible.
Make sure that you write down the bug-report comprehensively, in such a way that it is clear to us how to reproduce it.

Please send your findings in world on a notecard or message to Saii Hallard, or use the contact form on this website: Saii Hallard



We welcome suggestions. In fact, most of our products have been changed throughout the years because of suggestions from people who are using it daily.
It's of course not always possible to implement specific changes. But if we feel that a certain change would be beneficial to everyone, we will certainly add it.

Please send your suggestion in world on a notecard or message to Saii Hallard, or use the contact form on this website: Saii Hallard