Written by Saii Hallard. Posted in SHX Support

Q: I lost my SRC receiver!

A: The Receiver renames itself when you power it on either to the configured clubname, which is default: "My Clubname" or to the logged in DJ, so that when someone clicks on it (who has no access) will get a meaningful response.

Therefore, you probably did not lose the Receiver, but took or returned it while it was powered on, and have to search for: My Clubname, or any other name you might have configured as clubname.

If you still can not find it, send in a ticket to Linden Lab about inventory loss. read the section below for further information.


Q: I lost a shx product, what now?

A: If the product is copyable, do not worry, just send an IM to Saii Hallard with the approximate date of purchase and it will be replaced. If the product however is no-copy, we need some proof that you did not sell/give it to someone else. Send a ticket to Linden Labs regarding the circumstances of the loss and make a screenshot of it, or copy a live help chat and send it in with a notecard.

Do realize that as soon as you buy something, it is in your possession and therefore your responsibility. You can not held a store responsible for losing an item after you took it home, not in real life, and not in second life.


Q: I have version x of product y, do you have an update?

A: Check the product version page to see if an update is available. It is strongly suggested to join the update notify group (no actual SL group needed) by touching one of the subscribe-o-matic stands in our shop, so you stay informed about updates and new products. Do not worry, we hate spam as much as you do, so only important messages will be send out.

Q: I have a problem, Can you help?

A: Yes, we can help if you give us enough information, so we have an idea what product it is about, the version and what you were doing.
Without a proper and detailed question, including product type and version, it is impossible to give you help with so many products and versions out there.
If you want to get helped quickly, please read: Who can help.

Q: My shoutcast/shx/board is not working!

A: That is very unfortunate, but what do you mean really? It is impossible to answer these kind of remarks. State the product name, version. What you have tried exactly and what you expected. Include relevant notecards that you modified, if suspected to be the cause of the problem. See more about how to properly make a support call here.


Q: The receiver keeps changing the music?

A1: The SRC receivers have a build in auto revert for when the current playing stream reports to be offline, or is just not reachable (server not found). After 10 sequential failed attempts it will automatically go back to the first radiostation you have set in the Radiolist notecard.
If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off in the !SHX-SCRC-Config notcard, AUTOREVERT: OFF.
Note that failures trying to get the stream information can be caused by:

  • a (cheap) stream server service, where dozens of streams are channeled via modified software, which is not fully SHOUTcast or ICEcast compatible. A number of problems may occur, including that the SRC receiver is not able to get the information.
  • a Streamserver where song information is turned off.
  • using software that does not update the streamserver with information, therefore the streamserver reports not to be streaming. (See Music Streaming section on this website for info about popular software)
  • using an exotic way of streaming, like trying to upstream directly from your PC with software that is not really meant to handle that kind of task.
  • using an incorrect URL for the stream.

A2: If you confused a region with a parcel and thought you needed to rez the region relays, please do not. The region relays are what the name suggest: To relay music from one region to another. Not for multiple parcels. If you use two relays in the same region, it will crosstalk and keeps changing the music. Use more then one MCD for multiple parcels in the same region.

Be adviced, a region is not a sim. A Sim is short for Simulator and is the hardware where 4 regions are runned at Linden Labs (or even 8 so I heard).
A parcel is a subdivided place in a region.


Q: I have no sound/music?

A1: In most cases this is due to not having setup the MCD. Read the MCD installation manual to get it working.

A2: If you did the above and you are sure it should work, check if you deeded the receiver (the board itself) against all warnings. If you did, take it into your inventory and rez it again.
When you rez it again, use the menu functions [Options] - Reset All. After this, Select MCD channel 2, then Channel 1 again to reset the channel. you can do this with the menu option: [Options] - [MCD Ch.]

A3: It could be that the Quicktime player has crashed in the background.(The viewer uses this internally). Close Second Life and start it again. Make sure there is not more then one instance running with the Task Manager.

Q: It does not do anything !

A1: In most cases it's a wrong description of a problem. It does not do anything suggest that it does not give a menu, nor display anything. Please take a few minutes to properly summarize the actual problem and put it on a notecard, like described here.

A2: In the case it really does not do anything, check the following:

  • Are you looking at the frontside of the receiver? The backside has a big SHX logo. (don't laugh, it is a common mistake)
  • Did you copy the contents of the receiver into your inventory? If so, drag the scripts back into the receiver (not the cards, because they are copy and you will end up having duplicates inside the receiver)  (and yes, do not laugh again, this happens often, although noone knows why one would do this)
  • Did you place it on a parcel where scripts are disabled? Check the land settings and/or the group setting on the receiver.
  • In some rare cases, the scripts have been reset (or you did it manually with the SL viewer). Opening the SHX-SCRC-Main script and resetting this will make it function again.


Q: The receiver says that I can not access certain functions, but I own it !

A: A very common mistake, which can be prevented by actually reading the installation guide. The problem is that you deeded the receiver. Take it back into your inventory and rez it again. After re-rezzing, RESET the receiver, or it will not work.
Please take a few minutes to read the manual.

Q: It does not change the music on my parcel !

A: Please goto the installation guide and see how you have to rez a special device (the MCD) to be able to change the media on your parcel. Or go straight to the MCD installation manual, if you already have read the installation guide, but did not see the link.

If you deeded the board before, took it and re-rezzed it to resolve your error in deeding it, use the RESET ALL function in options, after that change the MCD channel to 2, then back to 1 to reset the channel so it will work.

It takes a few logical steps to get it right, so take your time and read the MCD installation guide. Read it carefully and do what it says exactly. Be assured, it is tested and works in every possible situation.


Q: Why are song names not displaying on the board?

If this is regarding a DJ that is streaming, then it can be due to three things:

  1. The DJ is streaming via winamp capture, meaning that the sound that the PC makes is captured and upstreamed to the stream server. This obviously is unable to know what the source is and therefore will not send out the name of the played song.
  2. The DJ is using winamp or SAM using the winamp plugin, but forgot or deliberately has disabled "song title updates", which is an option in the winamp plugin. You can see HERE at image 3, where that option can be found.
  3. When you are using a DJ stream program, like SAM, Virtual DJ or Traktor, you have to make sure that when you mix two or more songs, you close the fader for the other channels and stop the previous song. If not, the program is unable to determine what song is currently is playing and will not send an update to the server.

If this question is about a radiostation that is not displaying song information:

  1. Some stations that make use of "relayed" servers, like AOL, do not send out information that can be captured in Second Life. Although programs on your PC, like winamp will have that ability, it is not possible to show song names in Second Life. However, mostly these "relayed" stations will have an alternative IP, which is able to display info. You just need to search a bit more. PS, if you use our remote controls with the search function, it will filter out AOL relayed stations, so you find a good station quick enough.
  2. In some rare cases, the provider has turned off information or make use of a modified unix streamserver. There is no way to circumvent this, info about what songs are played is just not available in these cases.

Q: Can you come help configure it?

A: On-site help is offered, but you have to pay a small fee, read about it here. If language is a problem, contact Saii Hallard.
This does not mean there is no free support, there is, if you send in a detailed support call on a notecard. Coming over to help cost time and this time has to be paid, these costs are obviously not included in the price of the product.


Q: My stream/radio station gives Connection Error XXX

A1: You already have the answer: There is a connection error. Most likely you have made a typo when entering the stream url, or the selected radio station is not broadcasting on the specified url anymore. Make sure the URL is correct by entering it into your internet browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will see that it does not connect there either.

A2: In some cases it has been reported that after a region restart, crash or update, the receiver keeps giving an error, even on stations that are working. To solve this: Use the reset function in the options menu.


Q: I am not recognised as DJ

A: This is due to a typing error in the card name. In most cases it happens that there are two spaces between the surname and lastname. Double check the @card. If you copy and paste your name it's less likely you make an error. For more info how to add dj's to the system, read here.
Concerning one-named avatars: Use Resident as lastname. Do not use the surename.lastname (with the dot).
Thank you LL for making all this confusion with so many name conventions :P


Q: How do I add DJs?

A: This is already perfectly explained in the manual, but you can also read a support article here: How to add DJs.
If you want help with making the cards, use the: Notecard Wizard.


Q: I added managers, but they can not access?

A1: The Receiver has an access function, which is default on: Group+Djs, which allow managers access. If you have set this to Owner only, it will disallow managers access. To change access, touch the receiver and goto: [Options]-[Access] and change the access accordingly.

A2: If you recently changed the Config file to add managers, you have to (as the manual states) power the Receiver Off and then On again to load the changes to the config.


Q: We have vendor space available, do you want to rent it?

A: No, sorry. Although much appreciated the offer, we have made our own vendor system, which is not suitable to open vendors everywhere. And after all, most places disappear again in a few months. It's too time expensive to open shops everywhere. Furthermore, networked vendors do pose a small risk with delivery, which we do not want to take.

Q: Can you custom make ...?

A: Sorry but no, we do not make custom products. However, if you have a good idea or something that would benefit others in a current product, we will for sure consider it. And in fact, many of the features added to products came from suggestions.


Q: Hi

A: If you want a reply, please READ HERE.  We can not, and will not respond to greetings. If you want a reply, make sure to write a full sentence containing product type, product version, what the issue is, what you tried and what you expected. Better yet, take your time to write it on a notecard. And please, do use punctuations, paragraphs and write in a sensible manner, so we know what it is about. It will only take more time to get a reply when we have to send a notecard back asking more information.