Winamp (plugin)

Written by Saii Hallard. Posted in Streaming Software


The Winamp SHOUTcast DSP plugin is used to relay the music you are playing with Winamp to a SHOUTcast server.  Other software, for instance SAM Broadcaster, also make use of this plugin. You can get the most current plugin from the SHOUTcast website.
Download and install the plugin. Specific help on how to do this can be found on the SHOUTcast website.


Activating the plugin in Winamp

Open the preferences window in winamp and select the DSP/Effect section, which can be found under the Plug-ins category as seen in image 1.
Select the SHOUTcast Source DSP. As soon as you do, a window will pop-up with the DSP configuration.

DSP Plugin Image 1 - DSP/Effect Plugin

Configuring the connection

Select the Output tab in the DSP configuration window. (see image 2)
Enter the IP or URL of your streamserver in the Address box, the port and password and leave the encoder on 1. Auto Connect will also be a good idea to enable.

Make sure to check the V1 modus for legacy servers.

DSP Connection Image 2 - SHOUTcast plugin - Output Connection

Song information

Click on the yellowpages subsection header (see image 3) to enter specific details about your stream, to make it public and most importantly: To have the song information be uploaded to the stream server. Check Enable Title Updates and both Auto boxes to enable this.

Yellow Pages Image 3 - SHOUTcast plugin - Output Yellowpages

Selecting the Bitrate

Select the Encoder tab in the DSP configuration as seen in image 4. Here you can select the bitrate used to stream to the stream server. Try to select the highest rate possible, in stereo of course. If you are getting complaints about 'drop outs' of the music, or squeaking sound, try lowering the bitrate. It could be that your computer is unable to stream at higher rates

image 4:
Encoder Image 2 - SHOUTcast plugin - Encoder