Products - What do I need?

Written by Saii Hallard. Posted in Product Guide

I've been asked the question "what do I need?" many times when it comes to starting a club.

That gives away that you if have to ask this question, you haven't prepared starting a club. Of course this is not a bad thing, on the contrary. The first step, if you can not figure it out by yourself, is to talk to people and ask their opinion and make use of their experience.
Ask around, visit other (established) clubs and see how they set it up.


Regarding club equipment, which is the topic of this article, what you would need it is a difficult to answer question.
Specially if you would ask me, since that I sell club equipment, it's difficult to stay objective.

Nevertheless, I will list some basic products below that, I think, are needed to start a club:

  1. You need a club-stream. SHOUTcast or icecast. Most popular is SHOUTcast, go with that first. Club-stream meaning that you rent a stream, so you can give the login credentials to DJs that will work in the club for usage of the stream. Some DJs have their own stream, but it's better to have a club-stream nevertheless.
    Streams are available in our shop.
  2. You definitely need to facilitate DJ login, to make it easy for the DJs to set their stream on the parcel, without your intervention.
    This can be done with one of our SRC receivers. (See product list, ie.: SRC-F200 )
  3. Tip-jars are also something most clubs go with, though not all. Tips are in most clubs the primary income of the DJs.
    Our tip-jars are easy to use and activate automatically when used together with a SRC receiver. ( CTS Tip-jar system )

That are the most rudimentary things you would need.

I would not recommend installing crazy fast light systems. As you will notice is that most established clubs do not have any lighting at all. It is because they are intrusive, hampering right-clicking (for profile/IM etc.) on other residents, causing graphics lag and just plain obnoxious. It is of course my personal view, you could ask people that will or do visit your club on their opinion about this.


Saii Hallard