Starting a club

Written by Saii Hallard. Posted in Product Guide



So you decided to start a club in Second Life®.
As with all things, preparation is half the victory. Make a list of things to consider, in example:

  • How much can I afford for paying monthly fees for land, and recurring payments?
  • What is the best place within what I can afford and regarding region performance? Make sure to take a look at the lag-prevention article, to test a region before you going to rent it.
  • What music genre(s) am I going to play? To give your club a certain profile it's best to play within a specific genre, so people know what to expect. In the real world you won't find many clubs that play "everything" either.
  • Will I be making use of managers, hosts, dancers, djs? Do I pay people who work in the club, or split earnings?
  • Do I target a specific group of visitors? Perhaps international or only English? Or perhaps in example only for Furries or women? Will a specific time-zone determine when we are open, or do I want the club to be active 24/7?

These are some basic questions you can ask yourself and when you answered them, you can continue with the preparation by answering more detailed questions:

  • Now I know how big a place I can afford and what music genre will be played, it's time to think about how the club should look like. First of all a colour theme is very important for the look and feel. Chose a colour theme that fits the mood of the music. Try to stay with 2 base colours, use a number of variants to those colours. Every colour has a opposing colour that matches. See this tool: Color Scheme Designer (and choose: complement)
  • Chose a building that can have the colour theme of your choice and fits the music genre. Or reversed: Choose a colour theme that matches the building of your choice.
    Again, using base colouring with only 2 colours overall with their variants will make you club look good.
  • Try to be original. Making just another SLeek copy does not testify originality.
  • Try to avoid flashing light systems. Although it's tempting to mimic a club from Real Life, there's nothing as annoying and tiring then staring at the screen filled with fast changing colours and contrast.
  • Will you be using a club-stream? Meaning that, if DJs are going to play in your club, will they require to rent their own shoutcast or icecast stream, or will you be doing that for them?

Of course this is just an example of a list you can make in preparation to start a club. Much more could be added, depending on your taste and preferences.

One thing we haven't covered yet is the club equipment, obviously. But that's why you're probably reading this!
We would be honoured if you would consider using SHX club equipment. We do our best to make the virtual club-life as enjoyable as possible.

Enjoy the music!