Musician HUD

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This HUD is required to login to a SRW Club system.

There are two versions of this HUD: A free one, available from SRW HUD vendors that are enclosed with the SRW system and in the SHX shop. And a professional HUD, which has extra features not available in the free one. The professional HUDs can be purchased in our shop or via the marketplace. (NOT AVAILABLE YET, STILL IN BETA)

Why a HUD? What is it's purpose?

The question we get, is what the purpose is of using a HUD (together with the SRW server) to login and set your stream. Why not just put the stream URL into the parcel media settings?

The answer is that the "usual method" as some call it (manually editing the parcel media), compared to the SRW system is unefficient, takes a lot of time for managers and club owners to set groups and permissions and does not bring all the benefits when making use of the SRW system.

The benefits of the SRW system are:

  • One-Click Login
    With the HUD you can one-click login at every club that has this system in place. The system sets your stream, can automatically activate a tipjar and other peripherals. And facilitates that you have access to different kind of equipment.
  • Public Music Profile
    You get a music profile, where you can set your music details, a specific musician profile image different from your SL profile and other specific information. Much more clear, streamlined and specific to the music society in Second Life. Without all the irrelevant information, like what kind of knickers you like to wear. :P
  • More info and exposure
    People can search and find your music profile, see specific details about you regarding music only. What genres of music you play, your music preferences etcetera.
  • People can find you
    When using the pro HUD, people can see if and where exactly in SL you are performing. If enabled, your profile will show a landmark button on which people can teleport to the club where you are performing at the time you are logged in.
  • Easily switch streams
    When logging in with a pro HUD, you can select up to 5 streams with just a click of a button.
  • Easy as Pie
    You don't have to enter anything manually, or have it done for you. Once you (one-time) setup your online profile, it's as easy as pie.
  • No hassle with permissions
    You don't need permissions, or be member of a group. Imagine you DJ at 10 or more clubs, you would need to join many groups and go through the process every time.
  • Managers job made easy
    Club management can easily allow or disallow access to Djs and Musicians, without the need of groups, permissions and other trivial tasks. They can even make a club an "open stage" which would allow any DJ or Musician to start playing at their leisure.
  • Club access centralized
    Another benefit is that because club staff is managed centrally from the SRW system, it takes care of who can use what, just by assigning people to a certain role.


Free and Pro Hud difference

With the Pro hud you can use up to 5 streams, the free one only allows 1 stream.
The Pro hud allows you to hide song information or listeners, you can show on your public profile if and where exactly in Second Life you are playing and will enable song requests (where available).


Wearing the HUD

Right click the HUD in your inventory and select Wear from the sub menu. Default it will use the Top Left position. You can use any HUD position, it will auto adjust it's position relatively to the screen edges. Best not to use the center/center2 positions!
You can reposition the HUD, but it will snap back into place when you unwear/wear it again as a precaution if you change resolution (otherwise it may go out of the viewing screen).


MHP init  Image 1 - MHP - Initial display

First Use

When wearing the HUD for the first time, it will contact the webserver and register you automatically. It will tell you in chat what the password is to logon to your webprofile.

To logon your webprofile, goto the: SRW login

Adding a stream with the Stream Upload Tool

Initially, or when he hud detects that you have no stream configured, it will ask you if you want to make use of the stream upload tool to upload a stream with a streamcard. (see image 2)
You do not have to use this!
You can simply logon to the website, and enter your streamdetails in your profile. (see next section)

However, if your streamsupplier has given you a card that is in a SRW compatible format, you can use this tool to easily upload all stream data, without having to enter it manually.
It will also read any SRC streamcard, given that it is in the 3.2 format

The exact format of streamcards that this tool is able to use, is explained in the SRW compatible streamcards article.

MHP tool dialog Image 2 - dialog when no Streams found or init

To use the stream upload tool, simply drop the streamcard in it and touch it. You have to be still wearing the hud, as the tool will contact your hud to upload the stream.
If you already have the maximum amount of streams configured, it will ask you if you want to overwrite one.


MHP Menu Dialog Image 3 - MHP menu dialog

Adding a stream through the website

Just login to your profile here.  If you forgot your password, check your local chat history, or click the Reset Pwd button from the menu dialog (click menu on the hud).

At the bottom left of your music profile, you will see the "My Streams" tab, just click the green plus button to add a stream.


Logging into a club and starting your music set

Click on the Club button and the Hud will search the region for active SRW servers. (see image 4) Click on the Club (Server) that you want to login. Your choice will be shown in the box next to the Club Button.

Then click on the Stream Button. it will retrieve the stream(s) that you have configured in your music profile. Click the preferred stream and it will be shown next to the stream button.

Now just simply click Login to start your set.

Of course it will not allow you to login, if you have no permission. Ask the club manager to add you and refresh the SRW club server.
If someone is already logged in, it will ask you if you want to log them out. You'll have to do this of course in dialogue with the current Musician/DJ, not to anger someone in session.

 MHP club select Image 4 - MHP Club selection

When logged in or out, you will get a confirmation in chat, on the hud and the spectrum analyzer (next to the alien head) will be animated (or not).


Hud options

There are 4 options that you can switch on/off, depending if you have a Pro Hud.
Note that you have to set these options before you login. During the session the options can not be changed.

  1. Allow song requests - When disabled, people can not send song requests. (song requests are only available with the seperate SRW song request board)
  2. Location on profile - This feature is to show on your profile if you are logged into a club and where exactly. Making it easy for people to find active Musicians/DJs through the search function on the SHX website. Use the check to enable or disable this.
    Note that if you disabled it in your profile, the setting of the hud does not override it. So make sure it's enabled in your profile if you want to use this.
  3. Show Songname - To enable or disable showing what songs you are playing. Depending of course if the club has put up a SRW song display.
  4. Show Listeners - To enable or disable showing the amount of listeners. Also depending if the club has a SRW song display.