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Other information:

I am a software developer since 1980, Analyst, Buddhist and Realist :D
Program experience from assembler to 4th generation programming language.
Connected to the web since 1993

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If you never heard this, allocate 4 minutes of your time for it:

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Some C64 music from my ol' hacker days:

Martin Galway - Wizball (1987) - Wizball LIVE played by Reyn Ouwehand (2008)

Delta - Rob Hubbard (1987) - I think the delta tune inspired this: Rotorblade [Perfect Stranger Remix] (2011)

Probably the best music score ever made for a game:

Jeremy Soule - First Light

Knut Avenstroup Haugen Soundcloud for AoC:


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SHXonline Utube


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