About SHX!

SHX is a virtual world company, founded in 2006 and specializes in music related software and equipment.
We develop software and virtual products in Second Life® for its club community, djs and residents.

Our main goal is to offer high quality bug-free products.
To achieve this goal we listen to our customers, thoroughly test our products with a close group of beta-testers before release and use the products ourselves in several clubs.

Through the years this process has evolved all of the products and led to many updates, which usually are free of charge.

To stay informed about updates, new products, problems in the grid that may effect our products and to receive information when we release special freebies for or customers, you can join our update group or the special subscription-group. You can do this by visiting our shop and touching the appropriate terminals.

Our main store is located in the Second Life region SHX: Click here to go to the store

We always love to hear suggestions! If you have a suggestion, drop a notecard in one of the suggestion boxes at our store, or contact: Saii Hallard

SHX Main Store - outside view

SHX Main Store - inside view

SHX Sub Store - Chief

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